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Sermons by Dr. Les Woodson

pop 001   ___*A Declaration of Trust

___Church of the Open Door

___Does God Send Disaster?

___*Faith in Time of Bereavement

___*God Does Not Live Here

___God’s Crime Prevention Bureau

___Greatness of the Holy Spirit

___*How to Establish Your Beliefs

___*How to Give Away Your Faith

___How to Live Long and Be Happy

___How You Can Be What You Want to Be

___I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

___Life’s Most Important Question

___Predestination and Eternal Security

___Sharing the Master’s Cross          ___How to Grow in the Spirit

___The Battle of Armageddon          ___The End of the World

___The Exclusiveness of Christ         ___The Lift-off

___The Meaning of Redemption       ___The Price of Redemption

___The Star Still Shines                      ___The Witness of the Firefly

___*To Hell with Our Excuses           ___How to Read the Bible

___What is Justification?                   ___What is Sanctification?


Bible Study Sets

___The Twelve Disciples (12 sessions on 6 CDs)

___The Sermon on the Mount – through Matthew 5:26

(8 sessions on 4 CDs)

___*Gems from Genesis: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,

and Joseph (6 sessions on 3 CDs)

___The Ten Commandments (10 sessions on 5 CDs)

___The Lord’s Prayer (7 sessions on 4 CDs)

___The Gifts of the Spirit (5 sessions on 3 CDs)

___Colossians (5 sessions on 3 CDs)

___Ephesians (6 sessions on 3 CDs)

___Galatians (6 sessions on 3 CDs)

___Hebrews (6 sessions on 3 CDs)

___Romans (8 sessions on 4 CDs)

___The Letters of Peter (5 sessions on 3 CDs)

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